The Birdcage 3


Welcome to “The Birdcage 3 – Untold Tales,” the latest installment in the acclaimed puzzle/adventure series!
Game Features:
PUZZLE GALORE: Immerse yourself in mind-bending puzzles, each more challenging than the last. Sharpen your wits, solve intricate riddles, and crack codes to set the birds free.
FOUR UNIQUE WORLDS: Explore four captivating worlds, each with its own distinct atmosphere and avian companion. From the dazzling Tesla-inspired realm with the majestic gyrfalcon to the mystic Egyptian world inhabited by a proud falcon, the steampunk universe accompanied by a clever crow, and the futuristic cyberpunk dimension led by a wise owl, your adventures are bound to be diverse and thrilling.
EXPLORE FOR HIDDEN CLUES: Pay attention to every detail in your surroundings. Hidden hints and clues are scattered throughout each level, waiting for your keen eye to discover them. Unearth the secrets that will guide you to freedom.
UNLOCK UNTOLD TALES: Dive deep into the untold tales of the birdcage universe. As you progress through the levels, you’ll uncover more of the enchanting story, giving you even more reasons to keep playing.
STUNNING GRAPHICS: Immerse yourself in breathtaking, hand-crafted visuals that bring these unique worlds to life. Each environment is a work of art waiting for you to explore.
JOIN THE ADVENTURE: Will you rise to the challenge and become the puzzle-solving hero these birds need? Enter the enchanting world of “The Birdcage 3 – Untold Tales” and experience a gripping adventure like no other.

Download now and embark on a journey filled with wonder, mystery, and excitement. It’s time to set the birds free from their cages and unlock the secrets of the untold tales!

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