The Birdcage 2


Sequel to the award-winning puzzle game “The Birdcage”.


The story revolves around young sorceress who has just graduated from the school of magic. She heard tales of the powerful wizard Alzar, so she embarked on a journey to find him, hoping he will teach her advanced magic. She faced many obstacles, dangers, and revelations that ultimately forced her to make difficult choices. Enter the magical land of Avem and learn what happens to our brave young sorceress. Intuitive touch controls, mechanical puzzles, and creative reasoning will enable you to free the innocent magical creatures imprisoned by dark magic.


  • FACE-TRACKING AR – Exclusive levels for iPhone X and new generation iPhones where you solve puzzles using your face.
  • OUT OF THIS WORLD PUZZLES – The puzzles will challenge your mind and push your reasoning skills to the next level.
  • EASY TO START – Once you start, you will not be able to quit until all birds and dragons are free.
  • INTUITIVE TOUCH CONTROLS – Slide through the screen and experience the real magic happening right before your eyes.
  • MYSTERIOUS STORY – Disclose the adventure of the young sorceress and magical creatures locked inside beautifully designed cages.
  • ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK – Immerse yourself to the atmosphere of the story with the wonderful original soundtrack and chilling sound design.
  • SPECIAL FEATURES – Cast spells with the wand, find missing scroll parts, collect hidden diamonds and more!
  • DISCOVER HIDDEN STORY – Explore every object you see in the game to details. Many secrets are hidden as it is in its nature. Your observational skills might lead you to some big twists and revelations in the story.

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