Can You Survive

Can You Survive!?

• VR mode (playable with Daydream, Google Cardboard or any other virtual reality headset)
• Regular mode (playable with device)

In this VR room escape game your goal is to find the answer to the question – Can You Survive?

Experience your escape in Virtual Reality. Find your way out through two rooms full of puzzles, hidden objects, locked doors and hints. But hurry up as there is a creepy guy outside and it seems he has some freakish plans for you…

If you accept this challenge just put on your Google Cardboard or any other virtual reality headset and start this amazing VR adventure and see if you can escape!

↗ Exciting story!
↗ Scary atmosphere!
↗ 3D graphics!
↗ Fresh puzzles!
↗ Authentic room escape game!
↗ Genuine VR experience!

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